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St. George Spirits

St George SpiritsI first heard about Absinthe two decades ago and was always curious what all the fuss was about. In December 2007 St. George Spirits in Alameda became the first distillery to produce legal absinthe in the US in decades. It wont make you crazy because it only contains federally approved miniscule parts of thujone. I waited in line for two hours on the day of the first release on Dec 21 so I could make it a Christmas gift for Susan. It tastes like cough syrup or perhaps a lot like Jagermeister but smoother.

On Mother’s Day this year, we decided to go back there to try the other spirits they make at St. George which is housed in a former airplane hanger on the former Alameda Naval Air Station. It’s a perfect location for a distillery with plenty of room for the giant copper stills which condense the extracted spirits that make their products. We ended up going home with some lemon infused vodka, white tea and pear liqeur, and some pear eau de vie. You get to taste most of their products for just $10 and get to keep your glass. It was lots of fun and the staff are very friendly and well informed. I even got myself a “gree is the new black” t-shirt.

St. George Spirits
2601 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA 94501

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