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Westbrooks BBQ

Westbrooks BBQ CamperFor a few years when I lived in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood, I got treated to some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Westbrook’s BBQ was a mobile BBQ grill made ingeniously out of an old Winnebago. Odell, the owner, had chopped off the back of the Winnebago and welded a giant barrel style grill into the back. A couple times a week, sometimes just a couple times a month, they’d pull the truck over at the intersection of Telegraph and 51st in North Oakland and open for business. We’d get the brisket and links combo with greens, mac ‘n’ cheese, and cole slaw. One meal there was big enough for two. I never see them there anymore, so perhaps they’ve moved on. Odell, the owner, had always told me he was open more often out at Durant Square in East Oakland. I don’t get out that way much but maybe they’re still out there.

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JoJo French Country FoodBay Wolf on Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue has been around for ages and is known far and wide. But you might not guess you can get a meal of equal (or better) quality right next door at Jojo. Jojo is a small restaurant that serves French Country cuisine. They change their small menu seasonally and their dishes are made with great care — so you’ll want to savor every bite. Despite that they always have steak and frites for those who want it. Unlike next door, it’s also very quiet and you get very attentive service. And luckily for us it’s one short block from our house.

3859 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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